Horse Body Types

Similarly to humans, horses body shapes and sizes vary drastically. I began to dive into different body types of horses to start developing different types of fits for horse garments. We took the standard specifications for horse blankets and fly sheets, and added two additional “fits”. We ended with a solid spec sheet for a standard fit, stocky fit, and oversize fit.

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After evaluating which horse body types we wanted to target, I studied breed characteristics to determine how we needed to adjust the standard spec for optimal fit. The “stocky” fit was intended to fit breeds of horses that are typically shorter in height, but broader chested and wide barreled. “Oversize” fit was intended to fit breeches of horses that are overall larger boned, with thicker necks, broader chests, bigger barrels, and wider hips.

Once I received a sample in each fit, I started evaluating on different 78″ horses. I documented each fit on each horse to show the visual difference. These notes were a great tool to use for the seasonal training with the sales team. I enjoy sharing my process of how I evaluate proper fit to help the sales team help customers.

The first slide below features a plastic horse mannequin, it is not proportionately correct and cannot be used to evaluate proper fit. It is however a great tool to evaluate draping and features. I often marked on the “form” where different drop lengths hit, and differences in tightness in the neck opening.

Website photography for turnout blankets and fly sheets in:

Standard Fit, Stocky Fit, Oversize Fit

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